abstractshit.com (2003)


website, custom flash software

Original portfolio site from 2003. While masquerading as a personal portfolio, the site is an intentional satire for the art/design portfolio websites of the period:

  • A full-flash site with an over designed, unintuitive, ridiculously complex navigation interface
  • A long and tedious full-flash ‘intro’, hinting at what the site is about
  • A ‘profile’ section talking about the person behind the site, showing off their achievements
  • A ‘future’ section showing off future plans
  • A ‘thoughts’ section (precursor to the explosion of blogs with web 2.0) delving into off-topic philosophical discussions
  • A ‘jukebox’ to play various contemporary popular tracks, and drive components of the site. In this case every animation on the site is driven by the current tracks BPM.

The site is still (partially) online at abstractshit.com

The intro to this site is also where my pixelated face avatar originates from.

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