Cascada (2011)

A 20m tall abstract, interactive, digital waterfall. Responds to peoples movements and sounds. An artwork commissioned by Coca-Cola Latin America.

Technical information

Cascada consists of realistic 3D fluid simulations – modeled physically accurate, but rendered highly abstract - pouring from 5 storeys high mimicking a giant waterfall. The waterfall reacts to visitors movements and responds to audio input when live bands perform in the venue. Visitors are tracked using a stereoscopic camera, and they can play with the virtual flow as if it were real.



Production company: Nexus Interactive Arts
Director: Davide Quayola
Technical Director: Memo Akten
Liquid Simulation: Matt Swoboda
Executive Producer: Cedric Gairard
Creative Director: Chris O’Reilly
Lead Interactive Producer: Ulla Winkler
Documentation/Digital Producer: Tim Dillon
Account Manager: Carolina Vallejo
Event / AV Production Co: Induvallas
Editor: David Slade / Steve McInerney
On site filming: David Holguin / Paul Gallegos
System Support: Jelani John
Production Assistant: Fernanda Garcia Lopez
Nexus IT Support: Patrick Hearn
Interactive Sound Design: MOST / Vauxlab
Composers: Ivo Witteveen & Diederik Idenburg
Vauxlab Audio software: Thijs Koerselman

Coca-Cola Latin America:
CE Director: Guido Rosales
Marketing Director: Miguel Moreno Toscano
Senior Design Manager: Raphael Abreu
Senior Marketing Manager: Pierangela Sierra
Brand Manager: Emilia Villamarin


(partly) made with openFrameworks

Related keywords

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