Gold (2009)



Onscreen excerpts (and software demo)


Public interacting with “Gold”, Computer’s Point-of-View, Tent Digital 2009

The images below are a selection of captures from the raw output of the infrared camera feeding into the computer. They were recorded on 27th September 2009 between 11:00am and 6:00pm at the Truman Brewery during Tent London/Digital, London Design Week.



Interactive audio-visual installation
1ch HD LCD, 2ch sound, infrared camera, custom software
Duration: N/A
Dimensions: variable (42″ – 90″ screen)

Gold is an interactive installation which explores our obsession with super-stardom, and the extravagance that accompanies it. Through a ‘magic mirror’, revel in a world of excess where you are the super-star. Shower in glittery gold, experience almost omnipotent powers as you materialize, morph and dematerialize into pure sparkling gold dust. Immortalize yourself as a shimmering golden statue, before you collapse and fade away.

The installation consists of a custom designed and built cabinet housing a plasma screen, infrared lights, an infrared camera and a computer running custom software written in C++ with openFrameworks, opengl and opencv.


made with openFrameworks

Related keywords

c++, computer vision, decode digital design sensations, fluid simulation, generative music, generative visuals, glsl, infrared, installation, interactive, midi, motion tracking, onedotzero, opencl, opencv, openframeworks, optical flow, particles, victoria & albert museum