Roots (2008)


“Roots” is an interactive musical/visual installation for the Brick Table tangible and multi-touch interface, where multiple people can collaborate in making generative music in a dynamic & visually responsive environment. It is a collaborative effort between myself and the Brick Table creators Jordan Hochenbaum & Owen Vallis. It will premiere at the Minitek Music + Innovation Festival September 12-14, 2008 in New York.

The essence of the interaction, is that you control parameters of a chaotic environment – which affect the behaviour of its inhabitants – which create and control music.
There are vinelike structures branching and wandering around on the table. They live and move in an environment governed by chaos.
Audio is triggered and controlled entirely by how and where the branches move.
You – the user – control various parameters of the chaotic environment. Parameters which range from introducing varying amounts of order, to simply changing certain properties to let the chaos evolve in different directions.

There are varying levels of interaction, ranging from traditional one-to-one correlations – ‘this movement I make creates that sound’, but also to more complex relationships along the lines of ‘this movement I make affects the environment in this way which sends the music into that direction where it evolves with a life of its own’. The visuals are purely generative, as is the audio, and as user you can play with the parameters of that system and watch and listen to the results…


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2009 Jun 22-23,
Exhibition , Roots,
Berlin-open, Berlin, Germany