Sony PlayStation3 Video Store (2011)





Fun times

photos by Sandra Ciampone (more here).

Three virals for the launch of Sony PlayStation’s video streaming service. Our job was to ‘transform a living room and bring it alive’ hinting at various hollywood blockbuster franchises. So we decided to push projection mapping to a new level. We projection mapped a living room space with camera (or head) tracking and dynamic perspective. All content realtime 3D, camera (or head) is tracked to match and update the 3D perspective in realtime to the viewers point of view. Add to this real props, live puppetry, interaction between the virtual and physical worlds, a mixture of hi-tech and lo-tech live special effects, a little bit of pyrotechnics and a lot of late nights.

A Marshmallow Laser Feast project. An arts & technology studio I co-founded in 2011.

Technical information

The project is driven using custom software based on the Unity Engine, here all the realtime 3D content was animated and triggered, and mapped onto the geometry. Camera (and head) tracking was done on the PlayStation3 using PlayStation Move controllers and PlayStation Eye cameras, and communicated to our Unity application via ethernet. Six projectors were used to cover the area and the open-source Syphon Framework was used to to communicate between our Unity based 3D and mapping software, and our custom native Cocoa application to output to all projectors.


Agency: Studio Output
Ian Hambleton – Producer

Client: Sony PlayStation

Produced and Directed by MarshmallowLaserFeast

Mehmet Akten – Creative Director / Technical Director
Robin McNicholas – Creative Director
Barney Steel – Creative Director / Producer

Ian Walker (The Found Collective) – Post Production Producer
Nadine Allen – Production Assistant
Kavya Ramalu – Production Secretary
Thomas English – Camera Man / AR
Richard Bradbury – Focus Puller
Celia Clare-Moodie – Camera Assistant
Jonathan Stow – Assistant Director
Philip Davies – Digital Imaging Technician
Jools Peacock – 3D Artist
Dirk Van Dijk – 3D Artist
Tobias Barendt – Programmer
Raffael Ziegler – 3D Artist
Alex Trattler – 3D Artist
Neil Lambeth – Art Department Director
Elise Colledge – Art Department Assistant
Oli van der Vijver – Set Construction
Robert Pybus – Assistant Director / Puppeteer
Gareth Cooper – Actor
Kimberly Morrison – Puppeteer
Rhimes Lecointe – Puppeteer
Jen Bailey-Rae – Puppeteer
Tashan – Puppeteer
Ralph Fuller – Puppeteer
Frederick Fuller – Puppeteer
Jane Laurie – Puppeteer
Sandra Ciampone – Photography / Puppeteer
Daniel McNicholas White – Runner
Maddie McNicholas – Runner
Nick White – Runner
Rosa Rooney – Runner


Michael Naimark, Displacements, 1980-1984, 2005